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    Professional Photography. Portrait Photography and Event Photography in Naples Florida and Charlevoix, Michigan. 

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    A  s m a l l  p r i c e  t o  p a y  f o r  f o r e v e r "

    Call or email to discuss exposure that suits your memories.

    Newborn Exposure: Shoot Fee $145. This photographic experience receives all the time and tenderness required to calm, dress, change, calm again, dress again and again, pose and capture the new Center of Your WorldWe offer unique, beautiful props for cradling your newborn in a home studio environment. Add a sibling $25 per


    Children's Exposure: Shoot Fee $125*. Tell your toddler that "today is all about them". We will work together towards a fun-filled photography adventure. Children love being the center of attention, today they will be. *limit two children


    Expose your Family: Shoot Fee $175*. Dress up the whole family and parade them in front of the camera. Strike a funny, serious or dramatic pose and click, click, click... *limit 6 family members, larger family shoots available


    Senior yearbook exposure: Shoot Fee $175. Everyone looks back to their glory-days in high school;  your friends will be scanning the pages of your class yearbook for ages.  help them recall your spirt and personality with our photographic help.  lets spend some time together capturing your true self.  bring your favorite threads,  pick the location that makes you smile and we will get your best side, make you shine and have fun.  


    Expose your life: Shoot Fee $175. a true lifestyle shoot. conjure a keepsake image that remains a focal part of your decor for the rest of time... akin to john Irving's "A widow for one year" written portrayal of a photo of family feet,  no poses, no saying "cheese" just life caught at that moment it was lived.. a unique session that focuses on your moment in time with no direction, no boundaries, no preconceived outcome. I will discreetly follow your life for a portion of your day. Within that time there will emerge an image that resonates with unforgettable nostalgia. Photographic art at its raw best


    Expose your Love: Shoot Fee $125. Engagement portraits you will be proud to publish and keep.  Your love will shine for all to see..


    Expose your vows: intimate wedding & elopement coverage: Shoot Fee $575. Petite & Practical weddings are romantic and relaxed. They are not fireworks at midnight, they are sparklers at sunset; they are intimate gatherings of close family & best friends on a quiet beach,  in a rustic barn or atop a rolling pasture.  If an intimate wedding or elegant elopement is your desire then you won't want the Paparazzi feeling invading "your special day".  As subtle as the shadow of an infant we will be there with you to artistically save the memories of your event forever.  We love outdoor weddings, destination weddings and unique venues. let us help you artistically showcase the beauty of marriage in a "lifestyle" fashion. Please reach out to us to chat about a photography plan that suits your needs perfectly


    Vacation Exposure Special: $75*: You're on vacation, tan & happy, let everyone know it..  Lake Effect Exposures will help you brighten things up back home with the perfect photo post card.  *limit of half-hour shoot time for 2 people, local location only.


    Head Shots / Talent Comp Cards: Shoot Fee $125*.  if you or your child are an aspiring model or thespian, let us help you build a unique and artistic comp card that agents will take note of.  no thread-bare poses with overdone post-processing;  instead we focus on your natural charisma and beauty!   *per person


    Your investment in exposure begins with exploring your desires,  Then we work patiently towards those goals.  No need to rush. Want a wardrobe change or to try a new location?  No problem (some restrictions apply).  

    Next we post process your images following the guidelines you request. Our adobe Lightroom & Photoshop software allow us to match your needs for retouching. Your images are then made available to you via password protected online gallery. Chose to purchase just the shots you love or the entire gallery. Your purchased files are delivered instantly via download (full resolution with print release). 

    Entire Gallery sales include instant download and an elegantly packaged, user-friendly USB format drive with gallery images, custom slideshow, iPhone app of Gallery Images (so your beautiful pictures are always at hand) and print release.  We also provide a separate folder of your images with our watermark for social media publication.  

    Additional shoot time and digital print release images may both be purchased, please inquire by phone or email.  Images may be purchased easily in professionally printed format right from your online gallery.  We offer a wide range of printed options including:  gallery wrap,  unique and georgeous metal prints,  split panels and of course, traditional prints in infinite sizes.